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Situated along the renowned "route Cézanne" the school's carefully chosen location has many advantages. The Marchutz School offers students a unique opportunity to study abroad in the rich artistic environment of Aix-en-Provence - land of Paul Cézanne. And yet, the school is not based simply on one place or one personality. The light, color and atmosphere in the south of France have been an inspiration to artists throughout the centuries - from the cave painters of Cassis (40,000 B.C.) to the late works of Matisse.
Find Yourself in the South of France!
Aix-en-Provence is a beautiful old town, rich in history and local tradition. It is considered one of the finest examples of the famed Provencal style of architecture. Indeed, a walk through the streets of old Aix is a lesson in artistic control, in form, composition, rhythm, and beauty. The well-known modern architect Fernand Pouillon, in defining architecture, saw in the town the embodiment of his own definition: "The architectural whole is more important than isolated masterpieces because it participates in the daily life of the people. Aix is an architectural whole".
The music festivals, libraries, museums, churchs, markets and cafés have earned Aix its reputation as one of France's most desirable cities. Its distinquished sons, René d'Anjou, Mirabeau, Cézanne, Zola, Milhaud and others, have left their mark on a city and on the collective imagination of its inhabitants. A wealth of cinemas, restaurants, discothèques and sports facilities welcome students from across the world.
Provence is one of the most beautiful, varied regions of France, roughly Bordered by Mont Ventoux to the north, the Var to the east, and the Rhone to the west. The Mediterranean is the natural boundary to the south.

Provence's topograghy is marvelously diverse : valleys, mountains, canyons, legendary beaches, and the salt marches of the Camargue where breeding horses remains a thriving industry. Van Gogh's paintings of Arles and St. Remy and Cézanne's paintings of Aix and the Mont Sainte Victoire portray - as freshly as a century ago - the year round Provençal landscape and pastimes. In their seasons will be found the same orchards, yellow wheat fields, vineyards, irises, poplars, and dark, twisted cypresses.
In addition, Aix's location allows students ready access to the great museums of Europe. In these magnificent classrooms, students address the masters face to face. On such occasions, the long hours of hard work and serious discussion begin to bear their fruit as students discover their own answers to the ancient questions, "What makes a great painting great ?" or, simply and profoundly, "Why is painting important ?"

You, painters of the Marchutz School, have taken it upon yourselves in Cezanne’s own back yard to interpret the silences - a difficult if not impossible task -. Your humility and pertinacity are the surest proof of an integrity that burgeons beneath your brush stroke.
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