Art program          
Alongside their personal work, these artists have developed a studio art program that insists on direct, spontaneous contact with the perceptual world in tandem with a rigorous critical immersion into the images of all cultures and periods.
Former students and friends of Leo Marchutz, today artists and teachers at the Marchutz School :
For more than twenty five years all members of the teaching staff, have been either students of Leo Marchutz or alumni of the School. Four distinct generations have ensured the continuity of the School’s fundamental substance and pedagogy :
1972 to 1976 : Leo Marchutz, William Weyman, Samuel Bjorklund
1976 to 1984 : William Weyman, Samuel Bjorklund
1984 to 1989 : Jim Toub, William Weyman, Alan Roberts, John Gasparach
1989 to 2009 : Alan Roberts, John Gasparach
Alumni who have previously taught at the Marchutz School :Christopher Coffey, Joanne Wright, Michèle Hénot, Jan Taylor Weeks, Paula Griff, Dante Ruiz, Nina Pratt, and Dawn Temple.
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