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In 1972, after fifteen years spent teaching painting and drawing at the Institute for American Universities in Aix-en-Provence, Leo Marchutz and his former students, Billy Weyman and Sam Bjorklund, founded the school which bears his name. After occupying different premises in Aix, the school relocated in 1985 to what was Marchutz"s former studio on the route du Tholonet.
The mission of the school is, above all, to develop the student’s capacity to see. But it is also to install in each individual interested in artistic expression a perception of the nature of art itself as expressed in the cave paintings of Lascaux until our present day. The faculty’s 25 year collaboration in the studio and landscape as well as their profound experiences in the museums of Europe are invaluable assets that help inspire students to reach beyond their normal expectations.
Leo Marchutz, 1966 William Weyman, Lumière des Montagnes, 2000
Enrollmment normally not more than twenty, with a varied range of experience: studio art and art history majors, high school teachers, working artists, and MFA candidates work together in a common space, frequently on common themes ; regardless of his/her level of experience, each student is considered “a working artist”. Engaged in individual projects, disparities of age and past achievement tend to enrich dialogue and capacity for growth in all ages and at all stages. Willingness to accept new challenges is considered more important than past accomplishment ! The school welcomes students and artists committed both to looking out onto the world and within themselves. All students participate in the school’s unique combination of studio art, field trips, local, and / or Paris and Venice, museum study, and critical dialogue. Many report how involvement in the arts enriched their later lives.
The school archives include a voluminous correspondence between Léo Marchutz, the school's founder, and art historians John Rewald, Lionello Venturi, Adrien Chappius, Fritz Novotny and others.
Situated on the famous and now protected "route de Cézanne" the studio was designed by architect Fernand Pouillon. Modern in style it maintains the classical simplicity that marks the region and is built from the same stone, stucco and tile found in much older buildings around Aix.
In recent years a working committee consisting of John Gasparach, François de Asis, and the present director, Alan Roberts, has undertaken a number of new projects which, as they add to the school’s stature, enrich the experience of its students, and complement and reinforce the school’s primary purpose. These include distinguished guest lectures relating to the School’s curriculum, visits to other studios, exhibitions, colloquia, and research projects sponsored by French and American universities.
All of the preceding, by provoking reflexion and increased awareness of matters beyond the confines of classroom and studio, contribute to a lively and stimulating intellectual climate. At the same time they lay the foundations for a cultural institution and resource centering upon Aix, its incomparable countryside, the life, œuvre, and friends of Leo Marchutz.  
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